The Balance Between School and Sleep

November 27, 2013
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Sometimes being a teenager is tough. We have school five days a week,six hours a day. We have homework, projects, classwork, and sometimes even extra work if you're old enough to work though. We struggle to make ends meet with our grades because we procrastinate too much, that's true, but also we deal with other things outside of our school life. It is difficult to do five different assignments in one night for the next day and not lose sleep. We sleep at three o'clock in the morning finishing up projects or homework that's due the next day. We sometimes don't even sleep at all. I don't see anything wrong with taking a personal day off from school. Everyone needs a short break throughout their life. It's not like we're missing a whole week of school. That's crazy. I love getting an education I do but that gets so hard to deal with especially when you're put into a place where you are tested to be your best but treated like you're nothing new.

We need sleep, so you can't really blame us for falling asleep in class sometimes. Teachers shouldn't always assume that we're staying up late on social networks or playing some kind of game. Some kids actually do sacrifice their sleep for school work. There should be a balance and teacher's need to understand that we aren't taking one class a day, it's eight and every teacher has a different way of teaching. It's a struggle, everyone needs to understand. We're growing up and we need more sleep then usual because that's what it takes to get our brains working harder. Sometimes.

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