The Teenage Girl

October 30, 2013
you would think that maybe one day could go by that were not worrying about guys, looks, how to act, how to get to the top, how to be the biggest b**** we can be. that day will never be a reality.

numero uno. Guys suck, they take up probably 45% of our daily thinking process. does he like me as much as I love him, or is he screwing me over like every other one has in the past. We spend are time picturing that guy we like as a husband, the way you will live together spend your life with a few little "perfect" brats running around, maybe even a dog named Kevin.

number 2. The way a girl looks is probably the definition of her existence and also 25% of the process. If your not confident in the way you looked your basically f***ed. If you stick with me you'll realize I'm a very judgmental person so its okay if I say this.. your also screwed if your too confident in how you look and your gross. no offence I know everyone is amazing in their own way so maybe looks just isn't yours.. shopping is my favorite, it honestly is all about the labels. Don't listen to people saying its not, if it has a good name on it, your self esteem will go up about 200 points. my personal opinion. One little thing, labels are everything but just because its expensive doesn't mean its cute.

3. some guys like the b****yness in a girl. turns em' on. Others think your a brat and have a huge attitude that you should probably get rid of "if you ever want me to like you" .... off topic there's always that one group in every school that girls say that they would never in their lives want to even imagine being part off because they are the "biggest b****es" you will ever meet. Grow up and realize your dream is to be one of them to go to their parties, befriend there friends, and know all the stupid s*** there gossiping about that day. That right there is what makes a girl mean, makes there attidudte level go up because there's only a certain amount of spaces in that little group and your probably not one of them. The girls that are part of it and are still mean just think there better than you and truly just have that attitude problem they were probably born with.

and that right there was the rest of the 30% left in a girls head. basically what i'm getting at here is that are heads are full of a bunch of s*** that is slowly killing us.


your new best friend.


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