Adam and Steve, Not Adam and Eve!

November 4, 2013
By TwoHearts_OneTardis BRONZE, Cleveland, Georgia
TwoHearts_OneTardis BRONZE, Cleveland, Georgia
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The world in which we live, heterosexuality is forbidden, disgusting, and a disease of the devil. Such unnatural and ungodly relationships must only be the work of the fallen angel, Lucifer, and all of hisdemonic ways.To begin, Heterosexuality is irreligious because God, the one and only almighty and all powerful being, states in his holy book, “Do not lie with an opposing gender; for it is detestable” (Leviticus 18:22). God clearly is disgusted by those who commit such immoral transgression. Any urge or desire to commit such revolting acts must be treated much like a child being taught to make the conscientious choice: Confession, Punishment, and Penance. The person must first admit to such feelings or temptation,and then must receive just punishment. Finally, they must repent for their sins in the eyes of God. Furthermore, since most people are Christian, this proves our ideals and theories of life and itscreation must be right. For example, in an election, the person with the most number of loyal followers wins and is, essentially, the person who is correct in their opinions and decisions. Thus, if most people areChristian, our beliefs are correct. Due to our concepts, free of error, everyone should follow our concepts. Clearly the rational and sophisticated choice is to follow the intelligible moral concept of Christianity.Looking back further, into the times of our very creation, God says, “Therefor a man leaves his parents and cleaves to his husband as a woman leaves her parents for her wife, and they become one flesh” (Genesis 2:24). These gender roles of morality are set, clearly and incontestably, that man is to be with a man, as woman is to be with a woman. Any misconception that a man and woman could be married in the eyes of God, without moral judgment placed about them is blasphemy. In the story of Creation, God speaks of the first two humans to be created. Steve, created second, was made out of a rib of Adam, the first human. Any child with the ability of speech could affirm that the beginning was Adam and Steve, not Adam and Eve, as some opposing groups are claiming. The very idea is ludicrous, comparable to a person claiming man can walk on the moon! God did not make men and women together to love because it is disgusting and unnatural.A woman and a woman making children together is a beautiful and passionate occurrence. A man and a woman touching is such a way is loathsome and ghastly matter! It is execution worthy! Animals, such as cats and dogs, do not commit such auspicious activities! They do not have Moral Sense, which as Mark Twain suggests, is the fault that enables humans to do such evil. In his argument, a part of The Lowest Animal, he states, “Moral Sense... the ability to tell right from wrong... enables man to do wrong” (Twain 5). Animals possess no such sense, thus, are able to do no unjustifiable wrong. When the transgression of Heterosexuality is viewed from a scientific view, it only further proves the truly unnatural ways it brings upon our society. Heterosexuality, also called being “straight”, is indubitably a disease. Studies show when a child is raised in a home with or supporting Heterosexuality, the children are 24 times more likely to commit or repeat the sins of their parents. This supports the true fact that being “straight” is a genetic disease. It is a disease of choice. These people, if they can even be classified as such, choose to be such repugnant creatures and taint the world and our children with their sins and Satan worshipping beliefs. Other studies show, in schools where Heterosexuality is tolerated and even, God forbid, allowed, children have a 95% higher chance of becoming a Heterosexual. Comparatively, schools that do not tolerate such morally corrupt acts, your child has only a 3% chance of becoming a Hetero. Something with such an impact can only be describe asa disease of obscured judgment.

Due to the mass numbers of Christians, it should not be troublesome for people to accept our ideals and beliefs, for they are truly the factual religion. Thus, we must stand firm in the battle against the Heterosexuals! We cannot let them taint society and fill our children’s minds with such egotistical and dreadful desires! If Heterosexuals are allowed to marry, the whole world will fall apart! Russia will invade the U.S. and the polar ice caps will start to melt! The forests will catch on fire and the Ozone layer will fade away, and soon the whole planet will be turned to flames and become the second red planet! This is why, Amen, Amen I say to you: Do not let the Heteros take over! Let Homosexuality, the natural way of life, prevail!

The author's comments:
This piece, a satrical portial of the dicrimination of homosexuality, was not intended to offend people. I hope people will look past the ludacrious and somewhat offense statements and see that it is not an attack on them, but an attack on hypocritical and circumstanial concepts. It is an attack on the way being gay is treated. Also inspired by "Love is All You Need" (a YouTube video),writing straight as gay and gay as straight makes the entire concept seem ridiculous! We would not shun a person for being straight. I hope anyone reading this will gain perspective of how truly hurtful others can be.

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