A Student's Dissertation On The Current Public Education System of The U.S.

October 16, 2013
By JustinNelson BRONZE, Woodbury, Minnesota
JustinNelson BRONZE, Woodbury, Minnesota
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Human life without knowledge of history is nothing other than a perpetual childhood, nay, a permanent obscurity and darkness.

The modern education of children and young adults (adolescence is an imaginary word) is poor, this is so blatantly obvious that any person can have a discussion with their parents telling them how revolting the curricular and the environment are, and most of us will get an answer to the likes of, "Well we all have to go through it!" Such an answer is simply their way of saying, "Okay we know it's a horrible, inexcusable offense to humanity that such an institution exists, but we prefer our limited scope of reality so suffer like we did!" Hypocrites criticizing the youth? How droll, I as a student and absolutely fed up with getting up early in the morning; coming to a cold building with fluorescent lights, more damaging than the sun; and having to sit a hard desk, which looks like all other desks, and listening to someone that we, nor our parents really know. Our subjects are VAGUE and do not reflect Academia at all. Most of our textbooks happen to be outdated, biased, and treat everyone like a child with flashy graphics and pictures! These infallible textbooks that must be divined from God Himself, are also incredibly heavy and seem like they are designed to annoy us all. And if we, as students, not citizens, disagree with the Holy Truth (which includes things like starting a sentence with And) we are labeled heretics and shunned! It would appear to the schools that the world is completely perfect and that if something IS wrong, then the President will fix the problem and students just need to worry about homework, sports, and of course sex. I have been offended by even my Advanced Placement teachers. If I try to drag in MY opinion than I am passed aside as just some fool. The Priests know ALL. For instance, when in my US History AP class we were supposed to role play as Federalists and Anti-Federalists. The F's being in favor of the Constitution and the A-F's against and for the Articles of Confederation. Yet we were not even required to READ EITHER DOCUMENT! What? Is this what history has become? Where all opinions of people, groups, philosophers are derived from a textbook, and not from their own writings? This is an abominable outrage. But There is hope, I believe. We as students must be rebellious in a civil and calm manner by interrupting our indoctrination, and adding to or correcting the teachers. We should try and embrace our sensitivity, our self-consciousness, and our confidence. Stop blindly following fools and tools, read books, write, and voice your opinion in any manner expressive to yourself.

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The title says all...

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