Revoke the Same: VOTE FOR CHANGE

October 5, 2008
By Amanda Paige, Kissimmee, FL

Forever we struggle with the thought we might know
a sense of remote fellowship in this shadow of a
forgotten dream.
In this majority of flaming souls and sinking minds,
still there is the aspiration of a Nation of Kindred Spirits.

Loath and perpetual sins against are cousin
travel to us, one by one we hear of them falling.
One by One they don't come home.
Two by two we replace them like an empty
tissue box.

Our streets laced with blood of the gangs that
Petrol. Our school mealy a reflection of war.
Homes boiled over in lies, Eyes over flooded
with tears.

Campaigns draped with pretty lies.
Politicians without the knowledge to repair the damage.
In the home we share.
In the ruble it now exist in.

Bear in mind this is the only Nation
the home of American inhabitants.
Revoke the same,

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