How to Handle Issues with Friends

October 2, 2013
A lot of teenagers, guys and girls have a lot of issues with their friends. Mostly it’s about anything that can break their friendship and hurt them.

Q: How can me and my friend come to an agreement if we have a crush on the same guy or girl?

Now, this kind of situation happens so many times. Many girls and guys always end up having the same crush on the same person. Most of the time, they never know that they have a crush on the same person because they don’t want to jinx anything that will happen to cause them to lose that crush. My best advice, guys and ladies, if you have a crush on the same guy or girl, don’t get upset about it. Talk to each other first before things get really heated between the two of you. Sometimes it might be all of you who may like the same person. I’m not saying that all of you are obsessed, but that just means that you all have the same taste in men and women. There’s nothing wrong with that, but just make sure that this one person that you have a crush on, doesn’t break your friendship with each other. First of all, it’s unhealthy. That bond that you guys have promised each other, that nobody, guy or girl, will tear you apart. Keep that promise to each other. Second of all, it’s very untrustworthy. I mean, come on, will you guys seriously keep secrets from each other? Okay, I understand that there are some situations that you don’t want anybody to know about, because of the fact that there’s really nobody out there that you can trust, I understand that, because I have a few trust issues myself. But you should at least tell your friends whoever it is that you have a crush on. Why? Because at least your friends can give you some kind of advice as to what you can do to make sure that you don’t make a total nutcase of yourself. So my biggest advice to those of you who have the same crush on the same person, Talk to one another, if you have a crush, tell each other so that there will be no kind of problems or situations between your guys’ friendship.

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