How Teens Can Change The World

October 1, 2008
Have you ever felt like maybe you were too insignificant to make a difference?
Maybe you felt like you couldn’t do anything anyways because your not famous.But if you are on any type of social network such as myspace or facebook, and the desire to help, (plus a few minutes of your time) then you can go to and sign up.
socialvibe is a website that supposts a very large number of charities and you get to choose the one you want to support. then you pick your favorite brand as a sponsor such as converse, cherry coke, and so many others.
then you just put the code from your charity on your myspace or other social network and BAM!every time someone looks at a page with your code on it, a dollar or so is donated to your charity by your sponsor. then feel proud you have just helped out and made a difference. Socialvibe has thousands of teens signed up, and using this website, if you got everyone you knew to sign up, we could help out so many people and make this world a better place. social vibe isnt just helping one global issue, its helping almost every issue we have using teens like you. joining social vibe is free. and did i mention it benefits you too? if you earn at least 2,ooo points worth of donations,or refer five friends, you get to walk away with the coveted pink ball , showing you have earned money for charity! So dont be afraid to help out, and use that myspace for a good reason instead of dishing on the latest gossip. join socialvibe and make a difference today!

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