Shining Star

September 26, 2008
The stars in the hollow, black sky glimmered. They could be seen very clearly from where I sat on the stony surface of the ground, each star was shining within its own boundary, looking upon the world with a sense of pride and accomplishment. I sat staring at the beauties of nature for a long time with my mind absorbed in deep, controversial thoughts. Every star called upon me to take a step, to fight, to make all my dreams come true, for each star was a man who had made it to the top of the world, overcame all obstacles and reached his goal.

So were the shining stars of earth reaching out for me and thus prompting me to venture into the rocky road of life and to strife to make my dreams come true. The wind whispered in my ear, the whisper of courage and inspiration, strength and determination.

It grew louder and louder howling loudly the message of life “Stand Up to your dreams”.

The waves could be heard crashing against the rocks, “Nothing is impossible”, they said, “Dreams do come true”

A long way to go ahead, I thought looking up to the distance between the stars and me, the stars whose worth and altitude could never be measured.

“Never fear”, replied the wind, “Do not let your fears win over your desires. Undertake this journey with force and vigor.

A new calm and deep voice diverted my thoughts. It was the voice of God “Dear child, do as your heart directs you, set goals for yourself and don’t let others set goals for you. Every man has his own definition for perfection; if you are perfect In your eyes no barrier can halt you”

“Future is not a ball that can be played with”, added the ferocious waves “Life is just given once so make the most out of it”

The topmost star shown dazzlingly as ever. It conveyed the truthful message “The road to success is a series of unusual events full of happiness and tears”. “There is misery and yet happiness, failure and yet success, difficulty and yet ease”

I thought about all of my brain whirring with thoughts. Suddenly, a wave of inspiration and undying hope swept over me. I felt a gentle pat on my back and felt the calm deep voice of God whisper “Good Luck”

I stood up with renewed optimism and started walking with an aspiration set in my mind. Suddenly it began to rain. The water came down harder and harder and it seemed to wash my troubles away. And In spite of myself, I smiled contentedly.

The thunder and lightning were loud as ever, the wind howled and the waves rippled peacefully and the very heavens were rejoicing. Because that precious day they knew that soon they would be accompanied by another “shining star” in their sway.

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xelxo said...
Oct. 15, 2008 at 10:11 am
I disagree with Trikky...!! this article, is, like, AMAZING! i absolutely LOVE it...u got alot of talent, Aaiza... =) rock on..!
Trikky said...
Oct. 6, 2008 at 3:57 am
Eh. It was a little too much Chicken-Soup-For-The-Soul-ish for me, but it was okay- some things I agree with, some I didn't. It just sounds like you took a whole bunch of random musings out of a journal and strung them together, without any particular order. I actually started at the beginning, then jumped to the end and read it backwards and it made as much sense.
"Every man has his own definition for perfection; if you are perfect In your eyes no barrier can halt you" but if you&#... (more »)
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