Never Goodbye

September 25, 2008
By Zach Canne, Canisteo, NY

People may say "Good-bye" as a farewell, and it is. But it's a farewell that holds absolutely no truth. For the word "Good-bye", for most people, holds the meaning of forever. We use this term to send our last farewells, not our temporary ones.

When it comes time to send a farewell to a loved one, don't say good-bye, because it never will be a good-bye. It's always a "see you later". You'll meet them in your dreams, in your thoughts, in your prayers. You'll see them smiling as you close your eyes against a clear, summer night. You'll feel them as the wind blows across your skin, and sends a shiver up your back, and ends up bringing a smile to your face. These are the true moments that we ache for in life; the moments that we can feel so real, but yet so free.

So learn to lose yourself a little more in the midst of a midnight sky, let yourself float through a breeze on a warm day. Give yourself a release, let go of reality for a little while, be free.

Live your life with the desire to be compassionate in every moment, to be simplistic in the most complicated of situations. We are always told that life is precious, and we do ignore that simple yet eloquent piece of advice, but it is one of the most significant truths that we will ever be able to prove correct. As we look around at friends, family, and classmates, we can see it; we can see that undeniable truth.

We all have loved, and we all have lost. But remember to smile, not so you can forget, but so you can embrace their memory. Love is never lost. Only found.

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