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August 21, 2013
By fnabi2969 BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
fnabi2969 BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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Recently I went to a career-training event. This wasn’t exactly the highlight of my summer, but something the presenter said (let’s call her “Kelly”) really left me thinking. According to Kelly, “Powerful women wear heels.” And not just any old heels. No. To be exact, four inch heels. As a feminist, I was fuming. And as a female, my feet started crying. The only advice the men had on proper footwear was “polished and clean”, but for women, we had to be in heels.
I thought about it for a second and let myself imagine a strong, powerful woman. I admit, heels were in the picture. My imaginary powerful woman is a 25-year-old woman in a pantsuit and heels. Was Kelly right? Do heels make a women seem more powerful?
Heels are just an accessory, like earrings or a necklace. Heels add a hint of sexy to an outfit. And just what is sexy? In this male-dominated world, the most popular definition of sexy is tall and slender. Besides making you look taller heels, heels elongate the calves giving the illusion that your calves are long and slim. Flats on the other hand work your calf muscles, and make the calves look more toned. But, power is not about sexy, tall, slender, or toned.
Power is about knowledge, confidence, and presentation. Notice that these skills apply to everyone, not just women.
Knowledge. Knowledge is power. They don’t just say that because it sounds good you know. At any event, meeting, or interview if you come prepared with knowledge you’ve acquired through school, research, books, acquaintances, or anything for that matter, you are sure to be successful. Knowledge does not just come from books. It’s attained through everyday experiences.
Confidence. Believe in yourself. Confidence is delivered through the way you walk, talk, and look. Walk with your head up and back straight. Talk as if what your saying is a fact. Take care of your body. Exercise, eat healthy, and treat yourself to a spa day every once in a while.
Presentation. Presentation is not just visual. It’s not just about an expensive outfit. It’s everything that you do. Expensive is not beautiful, beautiful is wearing clothing that flatters your body type. Beautiful, is subtly highlighting your favorite things about you. Most importantly, beautiful is treating someone with kindness. So present yourself beautifully through honesty, kindness, and self-respect.
Heels don’t make women powerful. Anyone can put on heels. So whether you wear heels, flats, sneakers, or flip-flops if your smart, confident, and well presented you are powerful. You can make an impact. You go girl!

Below are just a few examples of powerful women who are always killing it regardless of their fashion choices:
Hillary Clinton
Michelle Obama
Kate Middleton
Sonia Gandhi
Oprah Winfrey

The author's comments:
For anyone who's ever felt powerless, remember that you are more powerful than you think.

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