Character Study: Ray

August 26, 2013
Writer’s Note: When I wrote this, I guess you could call it a “Character Study”, I was angry, very angry. I felt rejected by the world, I felt alone because I was rejected for holding my grounds. Either way, I felt it was a lost cause; I wouldn’t win no matter which side I played. I was angry because I didn’t feel understood.

Ray, like most teenage boys is a horny, son-of-a-b****. He feels entitled to the female species surrounding him in his day-to-day life. To enhance his so-called “manhood”, Ray has come to the understanding that he must lose his virginity to “…end this summer off really good.” What he didn’t add into that text message with misspelled words and improper punctuation is the fact that he just wants to top some other sophomore boy's story about summer. How in order to feel more secure and confident about himself, Ray must have sex with a girl he’s met once. Ray probably won’t ever speak to this girl again once the task is done, but hell, he definitely won’t speak to her again now that she turned his offer down.

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