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Peace in Savage Garden

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Wishing for a bullet proof world.

No, wishing for a bullet free world.

Wishing for a world with no bomb blasts and target killing, terrorists attack and drone attacks.

Wishing for happiness and prosperity everywhere. Wishing for a smile on every face. Wishing for honesty, sincerity, good nature, respectfulness in every one round the world.

Wishing for peace.

Dreaming about the day when there will be nothing to fear except Almighty God. Can this dream come true? Can we join hands to finish racism in our world? The brotherhood which our prophet brought in this world is forgotten. Can we relive it? The unity? Faith? Hard work? Love? Sincerity? Beliefs? Does any of it ring a bell? Have we forgotten what our Quaid brought us? What the Holy Quran enlightened us with? Islam’s teaching?

Can we not build a nation free of all traits? Why are we running in this damn rat race of money? Fooling everyone to win a seat in National Assembly? Making promises to forget the very next second. Selling our faith and conscience to Satan. Is everything you’ll ever need in this world and beyond is money and power? What if you die the very next day? Do you really believe that you’d be able to carry the burden of your sins on your feeble humane shoulders – hey wait – are we human? Can we call our acts and manners humane?

The person who’s sitting on the highest post is doing big crimes. The person who’s working under at some negligible post is doing deeds of his might; small crimes. Rule: eat as much as you can while you are able to, don’t know if you’ll still be working here or not.

In northern areas, we see killing. In southwest, we see social warfare. In south, there’s racism. Are we really on nation, which Iqbal dreamt about?

Why don’t we look up in the history and study of Khilafat of Omer Farooq’s era. He ruled more than half of the world, but in his era of khilafat, not even a dog slept hungry.

The fault is not with our rulers only. Our people are not sincere too.

The shoplifters, mafia, dacoits, kidnappers – don’t they appear from among us? Brothers are killing each other for hierarchy. Husbands are murdering their wives just because of some minor household mistakes. Robbers and muggers are shooting the passersby just for some thousands rupees in their pockets or some cheap cell phones.

The aim of this article is not to accuse anyone in particular. Instead, it’s a wakeup call to shake us off from the deep slumber we are in. Let’s take a look at our being ourselves. Let’s see how crystal-clear our person are. Don’t count the flaws in the crystal attains, but find the ways to remedy it.

Think again.

I am a visionary.

Are you?=

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