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August 12, 2013
By Lakshmy PLATINUM, Kumily, Other
Lakshmy PLATINUM, Kumily, Other
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If there is a cry from our neighbours' home on Monday I rarely bother about it, because Monday mornings are often accompanied with a mourning of school going kids in the neighbourhood.!!
I have often wondered what could be the cause of it, but when I reflected about my own personal 'LIKE' towards modern Indian education system, the answer has become almost clear.
I have always wanted to ask my school Principal why we don't have a choice in what to learn? I have practically gone crazy over my history text books during my class ten and I know those who have had the same bitter experience with mathematics textbooks. As students we never get a chance to ask questions as to how it happens or why, its only "it is so".
In fact injecting our brains with datas alone can never help us grow in life, rather human brain should be given a chance to explore how this society functions and what life is apart from having an awesome career. Also youngsters should be taught to think beyond their textbooks and arrive at conclusions that involve logic, not using the 'gates'.
While we hail that the most important aim of a high school student is to crack the JEE, we forget the fact that the kid is pulling himself into magnetism and kinetics and soon might change to a human- robot hybrid breed.
I believe that schools should teach its students the importance of voting and questioning about the bridge that is not build. And a school should be the place where they learn to share, not only their lunches but also their ideas and develop them into reality through teamwork. Students should be motivated to support the weak and to endure the sun to fight for the world they dream of.
I also believe that kids, right from the beginning, should be taught politeness , manners and most importantly rightousness, as in modern India we have a huge need of people with " A HEART AND A MIND TOGETHER". They should learn through real life experiences, feel for their own and realize things. The students should learn that the world they live in has different flavours and that they wont get it from their chemistry text books. They will have to go out with courage, determination and goodwill to taste them.!! And each of them should know that they can change what they don't like and that its only them who will..

The author's comments:
I don't think that SCHOOL = TEXTBOOKS 'ALONE'. It should be much more... Don't you think so?????

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