Social Conscience for the youth

July 21, 2013
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Hey there! Yes you read that right; I am from Pakistan, but wait doesn’t youth all over the world have the same kind of problems?
We live in a small world where almost everyone wants to become sociable (to be social, popular and have more friends), so do you I suppose? Even if you do, there’s nothing wrong with that but the real problem are the people who go out of their limits to become sociable and we call them “social-climbers”.

In this article I am going to discuss some very small things that may seem meaningless but cause many problems and “Social Conscience” (social awareness) has to be raised about as well as some very important tips for becoming Sociable, earning popularity and more friends!

Back Biting:
Now I’m sure all of us have seen some backbiters (people who talk about others behind their back), almost every girl does this and it is without a doubt a very bad habit, and through a religious point of view; a bad deed. Back biting can lead to hatred, lying, and untruthful relations and cause various other problems. It may make you feel good but it can never give long time happiness, so the next time you feel like saying something rude about someone, say it to their face so you can both understand each other better and sort things out.

Comparing yourself to others is not a grown up thing to do, it leads to unpleasant jealousies. And these jealousies can un-wantedly change your behavior towards others, and make life all the more hard for you.If someone is better or lower than you accept it and move on, what really matters is where you are, not how far or below you are from others. So be yourself, and stop comparing yourself with everyone. Remember your life is a message to the world; make sure its INSPIRING!

The Past:
One of the most problematic things in our lives is our past. Don’t hold grudges over people from the past or regret anything you’ve done in your past. You may think this has nothing to do with “social conscience” but it does, really. Our connection with our Past determines our behavior today; towards others in our social life and so if one had a glorious past and keeps bragging about it, or thinks of him superior to others, his social life will become hard. On the other hand, if one had a past in which he was deceived with someone, he may not trust anyone again, on the base of which he may become a social outcast. Let the past go, and it will let go of you.So, forget about the past and embrace new beginnings!

Making fun of others:
Many people make fun of others. People make fun of others who are lower than them in any aspect of life, who they dislike etc. Teens sometimes do it to sound cool, like laughing continuously at teachers without a reason just because they don’t scold you or laughing at their own friends when they do something stupid! Well, a good laugh is good but don’t joke around about real people! Especially, make sure you behave with others like you want them to behave to the elders in your society. People may start disliking you and not taking you serious if you don’t. And you have to build the patience to endure the pain of being laughed at, because people do take their revenge.

Stay Positive:
Positivity is the key to healthy social relations and a good and happy life!

Its really important to think optimistic as it keeps you from being rude, aggressive and angry at others. Even with all the ups and downs in life, always stay positive.Be hopeful and don’t let those negative thoughts lead you to taking a decision that you may end up regretting in your life!

Let go:
Some people (who make your life harder for you) should best be let go of. Don’t keep struggling on with them, end the pain now and let them go and be history!
We do ourselves a tremendous favour by letting go of the people who poison our lives! Trust me, I’ve done this one myself, and my life is a way lot easier and happier now. Remember to always chose people (your company) carefully:
“People inspire you or they drain you-pick them wisely” Hans F. Hansen

Don’t let them live your life:
Ever felt like “Why don’t they just shut up and live their own life”? Instead of wanting “them” to do that, do it yourself. Live your own life, listen to the people who inspire you, your teachers and your family and make decisions on your own free will. Many people are rude to us, but we just can’t say why! I know why! They want you to become disheartened, let you down and lose hope. Make sure you don’t react to such people and act as if you don’t even care, stay strong.
Don’t let other people’s words and behavior disturb your peace of mind. Keep calm, and carry on believing in yourself!
Just remember if people are trying to bring you down, it means that you are above them.

Be True:
Remember, nobody likes liars! Everyone has the right to be told the truth, so don’t lie. In the long run, Honesty really is the best policy. By being true and honest to others you will not only gain their trust but also they will remain loyal to you as well. Like I said before, behave top others like you want them to behave to you.

Don’t Judge others:
Nobody likes to be judged, so don’t point your finger at anyone. Keep your thoughts to yourself. While scrolling down on my face book home, I came across this picture that said “Don’t point your finger at me until you make sure it’s clean!”
True, none of us are perfect and God created all humans equal, so you have no right to be judgmental.

Be kind:
If you want others to be nice to you, compliment you and don’t miss-behave with you, then do the same! Be kind to others, avoid being rude as it ruins your impression. People only know the part of you which they see. So let your kind and gentle part get the best of you. Nobody can be angry with a smiling face for long, so smile but don’t freak others out by doing it all the time. Speak gently to others and think before you speak, and then just wait and see the magic!

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