July 26, 2013
By , New York, NY
20 days till results and you can feel your heart beat increase by a mile. It's like all you think about is that day. That moment.
15 days to go.
The suffering becomes a bit more intense. You start thinking of the all mistakes you might've made. It's just negative thoughts in that head of yours.
10 days to go.
Life becomes insane. At times you start feeling short of air. Thinking becomes hard and sanity is just a lost term.
5 days to go.
You can’t eat properly. "What if I wrote all the wrong answers?" "What if I did wrote this instead of this?" "What if I get a B?" It's just the “what if's” eating away your mind.
1 day to go.
You're pacing up and down the room trying to calm yourself down. You can feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins. Life seems miserable. Your body temperature's creeping up. You feel dizzy. Not even your favorite music can calm you down. You try to be a bit optimistic but no luck. It's just the clock, you and your misery.

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