What I See In the Mirror

August 30, 2008
A rounded face with soft cheeks. Dark spots speckle them all around like when you sprinkle cinnimon with your fingers. I like my freckles, placed randomly on my skin.
I look straight ahead, my blue eyes splashed with greens and browns. Around my black pupils is an olive hue that changes within the second. If i'm sad, it's more blue, If I'm angry it engulf's my eye. When i'm calm, it has a mind of it's own.
My rounded nose seems big, but i've learned to love it. The rounded edges are calm and peaceful and least likely to pop a balloon.
My hair has become flippy this summer, the brown and hazels twisting and turning, creating contrasts on my scalp. I mess with the tangled hairs at times until it becomes unbearable. My shoulders have just now become covered over with that blanket of curls.
I touch my lips then, full and pink. I lick them because they are dry. Why do i notice these things? This is what i've always seen in the mirror.
What i want to find, is deeper than any freckle or color, nose or lips. My hair that acts as a frame to my face is no match to the border that encompasses my inner person.

I closed my eyes and imagined my mirror. In my mirror i saw that time i was walking down the hall avoiding eyes of those who put me down. I didn't care what they thought of my clothes, they had never noticed my true reflection.
I could see the way that i was different from everyone else in many ways. When i work to reach my goals while reaching out to those who need my help. The way i remember what is important to me and continue to walk the way i strive to keep straight.
When i look in the mirror I saw a girl who seemed ordinary, but inside the glass there was beauty in a different way. That was what mattered, the person I saw in the mirror. Me, not anyone else. What i saw beyond the glass beats any that claim to know who my reflection truley is.

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Autumn W., said...
Oct. 3, 2008 at 3:14 am
girl, i love it. u deserve a 10 for this
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