My Special Friend

September 25, 2008
By Jared McGee, Norwood, LA

You are a friend indeed
When I'm in need
You Speed to my neeed
We share not greed
My friend

You are one of a kind
The one I call mind
On my mind
All of the time
My friend

Though the end never ends
Smiles and grends
My friend
From now until then
We will remain friends
to the end
My friend

We are close but near
When you talk I hear
This year we have
Love and fear
From ear to ear
So close but yet near
My friend

We shine in many ways
Great in every way
Sometimes you make my day
In a special way
My friend

The author's comments:
My friend inspired me to write this. One day I was sitting at home thinking about the good and bad, happy and sad. I learned that opposites work great together

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