September 24, 2008
As I walk out the locker room I give my brother a call. I told him that I just got out of practice His reply. “I’m on my way “. This I have heard many times before. So as I sit there and wait I conversant with my teammates and talk about all kinds of stuff. We talk about school, girls, clothes, sports and just typical guy stuff. As the other players rides began to show up the conversations began to narrow down. As time goes by everyone has left except for me and caleb. Even the coaches leave, but they always ask if we have a ride. Soon after the Coaches leave, caleb mom pulls up. Now I’m the only one out there. I don’t want to say my bro is irresponsible, but maybe he had something to do . So after about another 15 min. my bro shows up. When I get in the car he asks “how was practice”, and we jus do the same the next day.

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