My "Oh no Bouncer"

September 23, 2008
By Anonymous

“Oh no Bouncer”, a favorite book of mine when I was a child. I read it almost every night with my mom when I was in pre-school. I valued and treasured this book so much, and there I was, having to give it up. I couldn’t believe what I had gotten myself into, and the root of this problem was the same root as most every girl, a boy.
It was recess at South Gate Baptist where I attended pre-school. My best friend Jaclyn and I had come up with the idea of playing hide and seek with some of our other friends. It was the perfect day for it, hot but with a slight breeze. We had just started our game, I had found the perfect spot to hide, and no sooner than that Bradley came out with his brand new nerf ball that he brought from home. That was a big deal, bringing something from home was a huge risk because you have to keep an eye on it so no one takes it. Our game immediately stopped on behalf the counter quit to have a look, we all did. Some of the girls asked to play catch with the boys, and Bradley said girls can’t play catch because they don’t know how to play sports. I of course took this to heart, so I plotted with Jaclyn and we decided to take the ball. So as they were throwing it, I casually intercepted it, and took it under the playground equipment and shredded it. I felt on high, score one for the girls. And Bradley being a boy took it like one, he cried. He also told the teacher, who in turn told my mother, and I got in trouble that night. The nerf ball was his favorite toy. So as a way to apologize I had to give him two of my favorite toys, which I thought was completely unfair. So back to where we started, I gave him my “Oh no Bouncer” book, and a my little pony doll, which I knew he wouldn’t want, which is the reason I gave it to him in the first place.
That event was one I will never forget. It defines me today because of my attitude. I am not a person who is completely into women’s rights, but I do get offended when men say that women can’t do this or that, or that they belong in the kitchen. I agree there are some things women can’t do that men can, but I am just offended when men say things such as that.

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