Through Music Love Grows

September 22, 2008
By Kassie Wright, Springfield, MO

In the summer of 1969 in Bethel, New York, word was spread about a three day long rock concert that unexpectedly chanced the face of a generation. People came from all over with all backgrounds and beliefs. From anti-war protesters and Vietnam veterans to gays and drug advocates. All came together for one sole purpose; the music. Through harsh conditions like rain and lack of food or sanitation, the Woodstock participants stood true and loyal to the music and over thirty of the most hip performers of the decade. In the end, five hundred thousand people left with a truer understanding of the words, sharing, respect, caring, peace, and of course, love.
Throughout the test of time, there have been two themes that have survived forms of life and literature for over two million years. When one puts love and music together, the two create more good for mankind than mankind could ever do for itself. I have personally known how it feels to fall in love through music. I also know of a pair who was brought together through a rhythm just as I was. It is truly incredible how love can sprout from a single note.

To make a long story short, I had always been looking for love and had yet to ever find it. Therefore, when I started my sophomore year, my plan was to stop searching for love and let it come to me. I felt that attempting to make love happen would only end in heartbreak. Happily I went on with life. Never to imagine that it would happen so fast. But I was lucky, because on that first day of my sophomore year, my love found me.
This new friend Andy and I met in orchestra and shared a love for all things musical. Something had drawn me to him. I am unsure if it was his striking blue eyes, his precise build, his bright blonde rocker hair, or his outspoken and charismatic personality that intrigued me, but I felt an instant connection the first day we met. He told me how he loved musicals and I remember being taken aback by the astonishing new piece of information. A straight guy who likes musicals? Incredible! For a while, we shared mild flirting, and talking together in orchestra and choir every day. As the school hours dragged on, I always was given a smile by the thought of a funny thing Andy had said earlier or when he waved to me in the halls. Eventually, the friendship became a crush and I decided to ask him to homecoming.
Homecoming was the best one I had ever been to in my high school years so far. Andy was such a gentleman and we had an incredible time. As the months passed afterward, we both knew where the relationship was going, but neither one was bold enough to make a move. Then on Halloween, I decided to get the ball rolling. We went Trick or Treating and skipped merrily around whilst holding each others hands like ridiculous school children. Finally we made our way across town to the Rocky Horror Picture Show where I won the giant costume contest. I was up on stage accepting my prize and smiling down at him as he happily took pictures.
Once I was off of the stage and the lights went out I decided to throw all my inhibitions out the window and I kissed him for the first time. It was the best Halloween I had ever experienced. Spending the evening with my friends and my new boyfriend while surrounded by music, laughter, and dancing, it was perfect. Ever since, Andy and I have been inseparable and constantly surrounded with music as if it fuels our love.

Another great example of love and music creating happiness for people comes from a love story between two of my friends. Andrew and Emily met in band class, and through the power of music, and Emily’s pestering, they got to know each other. Once they became a couple, like Andy and my self, they were inseparable. The two just fit together perfectly and make each other better people. It has been over two years since Emily and Andrew started dating and now they have plans to be married in June of this year. I am almost as excited for them as the couple are themselves. They are both very happy and music brought them together in a way that it has for centuries.
A brief glance forty, fifty, or sixty years into the past would show how the powers of love and music together conquer all. These two themes have transcended many generations. When the two are brought together, music and love have proved to do better for mankind than mankind could ever do for itself. There are epic instances where music brought hundreds of people together to share love, like Woodstock but I have personally known how it feels to fall in love through music as well as a few friends of mine. It is amazing how love can sprout from a single note, but it is incredible that through music, love grows.

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