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July 15, 2013
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Today I sat on the bus as I do everyday and I looked at twitter on my iphone, once again following my routine. I always check the trending subjects so as to make sure that war hasn't broken out and nobody has assasinated Obama or anything similar to that; I usually however am just hit with a wall of 'fandom'. This upsets me. Some reasoning behind this is that my name is Emma, I'm 15 and a Jewish girl with what I believe to be a very free style of life. I shared these facts because people who previously shared traits similar to those I now hold were not offered the luxury of freedom of speech. The suffragets put their lives on the line for women to have a voice. Thousands perished during the holocaust so that we could stand here today, proudly and say "I have a voice, and I'm not afraid to use it!" Teenagers should realise the luxury that is their ability to preach their views and the lack of need for us to be working in factories which would have been the case only a few years prior to now, Therefore fellow teens, you're the congregation i'm trying to adress. Please, I beg you, have respect for your freedom of speech and pick your words wisely for you project the voice of tomorow and that voice should not be swooning over One Direction.

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