Teens in the 21st Century

June 28, 2013
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For the sixteen and seventeen year olds, this decade is fantastic and booming with lots of opportunities and experiences waiting to unfold. For the thirteen and fourteen year olds, even some fifteen year olds, it's a slow sailing ship to the opportunities we want.

1.Jobs: No one wants to hire a 14 year old to work for them because they assume that they are immature. This is totally false. No 14 year old is going to risk losing time they could be using playing sports, talking to their friends and crushes, or enjoying life unless they are mature enough to handle the responsibilities of work and are willing to sacrifice it all! Now, granted, there isn't much the states will allow kids at 14 to do, but still, companies can at least try to be a little more sensitive to kids. The only opportunities they get are the neighborhood ones like babysitting, and even then they still sometimes lose out if a 15 or 16 applies too.

2.Programs and Internships: Most people don't think of it this way, but if we start more programs for kids starting right at 13, it'll keep them active and off the streets to sit there and do nothing but get interested in things they shouldn't such as drugs and sex. (Females are getting pregnant younger and younger, and kids are trying weed and alcohol much younger too). Also, if kids can get into programs of their current interests (writing, music, photography, etc.) it'll help them decide what they love to do and help them mature and develop in deciding what they want to do in their future. [SIDENOTE: Although there aren't very many,I have found an internship for 14 year old writers!]

See what I mean? So, if you have the chance to brighten some thirteen or fourteen year olds life by giving them a chance to prove how awesome and useful they can be, please do!

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