Acquaitances VS Friendships

June 25, 2013
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Acquaintance = to know slightly
-A surface level relationship
Ex. Someone you go to school with and see every day but would never hang out with outside of school and once you graduate or leave you never communicate with again outside of random coincidental interactions.

Acquaintances do tend to precede friendships. However, the shift from being a person vaguely known, to a friend of deep connection, is not one that can happen quickly. Trust takes time to build. You can’t share a genuine connection of substance unless you are willing to brave the journey that life is with a person. That means sticking with them through the roller-coaster ride. Being there for the moments of joy, excitement, happiness, love, adventure and contentment, but also staying for the moments of fear, pain, sorrow, anger, unbelief, depression, self-pity and self-centeredness. That transition takes time and it takes effort it isn’t just handed to you.

Ironically however while acquaintance to friendship is a lengthily process the reverse occurrence seems to take mere seconds. One day everything is great you are walking through life together, supporting each other, and building memories. The next thing you know it it’s been months since you’ve talked and your encounters have become forced and fake. Its like a switched was flip and all the, tears, laughter, phone calls, sleepless nights spent talking, over exaggerated near death experiences, and time spent together suddenly mean nothing.

Life makes no sense sometimes. In fact sometimes it can be just down right cruel. How can what you have taken weeks, months, sometimes years to build, be destroyed in days, hours, or even minutes?

I guess what matter is cherishing those friendships you do have. Build into those relationships and make every minute count because you don’t know how long you have. We a creature made for community. Don’t let your fear of losing them keep you from truly experience life with them. Some friends are only part of your life for a season they aren’t meant to be in your life forever.Cherish the time you have with them mourn them when they live but then move on and let go. Nothing good comes of holding on something that’s been lost.

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