What is Real Acceptance?

June 13, 2013
As a human being, acceptance is a very hard concept to recognize. In today’s world, people take the old phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” to a whole new level. However, when I say “acceptance”, I don’t mean only accepting people, I also mean accepting fate.

Like any other person out there, I always have a hard time accepting life’s painful, and tragic events. It’s so easy to just push those moments to the side; pretend they aren’t actually happening and that the meaning behind it is all just baloney and doesn’t have any significance. People tend to savor the cheerful, joyous moments while forgetting the stressful, heartbreaking moments, which in a lot of cases may have the most meaning.

A person’s individual strength is based upon how they are able to deal with painful, troubling situations. If we push away the fear, we will spend our lives being afraid and clueless; we will have no courage. The world doesn’t randomly decide to through challenging courses at us, but instead they are thrown to us for a reason.

It’s very important that we take into consideration that everything happens for a reason, and whether we want to believe it or not, there’s nothing we can do about destiny. We are incapable or controlling life’s course. The events that take place in our lives would’ve happened any other way. For example, let’s say the person we thought was our soul mate dumped us. In those kind of situations, the first reaction would be denial; believing that everything is some sort of dream or even a joke. What would we learn if we were able to have everything our way? These kinds of things happen so that we can gain an important moral or life lesson, and if we continue to just deny the tragedies that meet us in life, we will never discover their significance and how it incorporates into our lives.

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