One Child Policy

May 10, 2013
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Did you know that in China you can only have one child? Well, in China families can only
have one child due to an overpopulation problem. They will be fined if they have more than one
child. It is an unfair thing to do to the families even with the overpopulation problem; people
should be able to have as many kids as they want.
First of all, some only child kids grow up to have bad attitudes, they are selfish, they roll
their eyes at elders, and they especially don’t do well in school. According to “China’s One-child
Policy Produces Workers with Bad Attitudes,” it might be because they don’t have as much
respect for their elders. If they are not doing well in school, it might be because they don’t have
anyone to work with at home if they need help with their homework, or a project. Families with
more than one child usually do better in school; therefore, families should have more child due to
the benefits of the child. Being as an only child they are selfish because they never had to share
anything with a brother or sister. So they think that when they grow up and get a job, whether it’s
selling goods, or ordering stuff, it always has to be for theirselves. But, when population control
wasn’t a problem, having more than one child was proven that they had better attitudes ("China's
One-child Policy Produces Workers with Bad Attitudes").
Secondly, with this one child policy the government in China needs to think about the
parents. According to “Why the One-Child Policy Has Become Irrelevant,” there was a woman
that decided to have a second child even without confronting the government. She went to get
her birth permit for that child, and she was fined a huge amount. She worked in a factory; she
didn’t make enough. She made about $1,600 in two months. The government should not have
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that right to fine that family knowing that she works in a small factory and doesn’t make enough
money to be able to pay for that due. This population control thing must be outrageous if you're
fining more than $1,600 for a second child. If they went and had two more, that would be a
crazy, irritable, amount. A reporter asked her if the One Child Policy had affected her decision in
having a second child, she said, “Didn’t even consider it.” The fine for having a second child can
be up to 31,000$ ("Why the One-Child Policy Has Become Irrelevant.").
Some argue that the One Child Policy is reducing the over-population problem. According
to, "China's One Child Policy," with this population control system the population does not grow
near as fast. It is keeping the unbalanceable infants from more woman to about the same. This is
bringing down the population so that it doesn’t get over populated ("China's One Child Policy").
Even though this is true, the government is forcing the people of China not to have as many
children as they may have want, and some people could be unhappy for their whole life because of
this policy.
This is helping the population decrease so that China isn’t having problems with it, but still
if the older people don’t reproduce then how are you supposed to get new generations of people? It
is kind of pathetic that you fine a family for having more than one kid. That is unfair to the family
and unfair to the whole country. If most of the people in the United States lived in China and was
only aloud to have one kid, they would most certainly move out of it. They should release the
policy because the population is already reduced. You don’t want the population to get so low that
there is nobody left. If China’s officials feel it is necessary to make it so that families are able to
have a couple or three children everyone in the communities of China would be happy.
It is clear as water that the One Child Policy is outrageous and stupid to have. Even with
the population getting too big, a policy like this should never be used.
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