My View on Homosexuality and Religion

April 9, 2013
By TayloredHeart BRONZE, Windsor, Connecticut
TayloredHeart BRONZE, Windsor, Connecticut
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"Love has no face or color, just a heart with a beat that matches your own"- Taylor Althea

I do not understand why people are so hypocritical. The Bible says that there are a countless number of sins that people shouldn't commit but yet they do it every day. Lying is a sin. Yet people do it. Cursing/Swearing is a sin, yet people do it. So why attack a homosexual person's lifestyle when you're no better. And then people have the nerve to say, "Oh, well lying or cursing isn't as bad as being gay". Let's take a moment to realize what this person just said. If people read the Bible fluently, (like they claim to do since they love to "quote" it endlessly), then they should know that no sin is better or worse than another sin. Besides, loving someone is NOT a sin. Judging, harassing, and harming someone IS. Love should be the driving force of everything but society decided that there should be a limit on who you love. At first, it was by race. Interracial dating/marriage was forbidden up until 1967 but yet is still frowned upon to this day. But WHY? Because people thought they could interpret the Bible well enough to assume that "interracial dating/marriage is wrong". But look at our very own president of the United States who is of mixed heritage and if I say so myself he's a pretty darn good president so what was the problem America? Since society has decided to "allow" us to be with whatever race we please, it decided that there should still be limitations to what gender we be with because "the Bible says so". If society was wrong about their previous interpretations of the Bible then who's to say they're not wrong once again about homosexuality and gay marriage? God loves all of His children because He's the one who gave them life. Do you honestly think that He would restrict His very own son who's worked hard and was a religious and righteous man from entering the gates of heaven simply because His son was happily in love with another man? Or deny His loving daughter who was an excellent mother, sister, and wife access to heaven because she decided to take care of and raise her children with another woman? Seriously, think about it. Who would you rather invite into your home, an evil and wicked murderer/rapist who is straight or a homosexual person who's all about love?

The author's comments:
I wrote this because I was tired of the little to zero tolerance and acceptance people have towards the LGBT community and use the Bible as weapon instead of a guide.

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