April 4, 2013
Trust is a funny thing, like most things are.
For most people:
it is hard to give out.
For other people:
it is granted to about anyone they meet.
I can't decide whether those people are lucky or innocent (in a good way)

But when people do stupid things,
It is shattered to a million pieces.
For most people,
there is no hope of ever getting it back.
For those few others with a lot of hope,
there is a way to earn it back, but not easily.
The friends of those few people are extremely lucky and should be thankful.

Broken trust =
a broken heart=
Pain from loss,
and a sense of betrayal.

I suggest when you have trust,
Try your hardest not to break it.
I suggest that if you ever do break it,
let the other person know how sorry and stupid you were,because chances are,
they might just be one of those few people.

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