Freshmen Year

April 4, 2013
By mcmeyers1 SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
mcmeyers1 SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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In school something new comes with every year. In 6th grade its the students first year in the “big” building, in 7th grade the students switch teachers for every class, in 8th grade the students are the oldest in the middle school, and in 9th grade, one of the biggest leaps, it is the students first year in the high school. Going into the freshman year can be anywhere from a very good experience to a really bad experience. There were many lessons I learned my freshmen year that I wish I would have known sooner; hard work, teachers, and time management. The biggest change I had to overcome in 9th grade is the amount of work I have to put in to reach my standards and goals.

I went into my freshmen year thinking it would be like every other year, easy! It wasn’t. Very quickly I learned i’d actually have to study to do well and get the “A” I expected. But then the question was,”well how much do I have to study?” I figured out I need to study more than teachers say, and until I know I will feel confident walking into the classroom the next morning. Homework should definitely be a top priority in high school for all students. For one reason, with bad grades students can’t participate in school activities. Also if more time is spent now doing homework, later in life in college it will be an easier thing to handle because of the formality. Homework can be made 10x easier if students learned to talk to the teachers.

Understanding a teacher can become a handy advantage for high school students. From seeing the perspective of the teacher has on different situations the students can know whether or not it's smart to skip or miss class, go to a choir lesson during the class, or even if they are lenient on late homework. Something that many teachers slack, that should be required, is organization. By just looking at a teachers desk you can’t tell whether or not their organized. If teachers are organized they tend to go overboard sometimes, like making students rip-off the scruffies on the side of the paper. Which most students refuse to do-so anyhow. If a teacher isn’t organized though homework is commonly lost. Every teacher has a different way of doing there job, but they are all expected to do one thing in common, teach.

Working in class can be very tricky for a student. There is always the distraction of just talking to a friend. If students can learn to overcome this obstacle it can open so many doors. There is a huge difference between completing homework and understanding homework. Homework has very little impact on grades compared to tests, and to do good on tests students need to understand the work that is meant to help with the test. By doing homework in class the student can ask the teachers for help when they don’t understand something, instead of asking their friends for the answers instead. Taking time in class to complete homework can make time for after school activities as well. If students don't have to go home after a practice and stay up to do homework, they can get enough sleep for the next day. It is proven that if a person gets a full 8 hours of sleep they will function better the next day. Which may affect test scores. A lot can come out of 9th grade, the student has to choose how much.

Not expecting good grades unless you're willing to work hard, getting to know the teachers, and working in class can all help determine how a students freshmen year will go. Students will have to adjust to suit the changes, but if they do they are making the best out of it. Through my ninth grade year I stay motivated by these works.....
“do what you’ll wish you had in the long run”

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