Be Your Own You.

September 7, 2008
By Alexandra Morrow, Lebanon, ME

The media. Now, we all know it plays a major influence on our lives and the lives of those around us. But why? How can we overcome the bombardment of the media while still trying to watch it? Lastly, how does the media influence teenagers? For all we know the majority of those who witness the media are in their teenage years.

You turn on the television and in a matter of seconds... BAM, a commercial is in your face. “Buy this, buy that, call this number and we’ll send you...” Oh, and how could we ignore the medical commercials? “Viva viagra, do you have stomach pain? If you can’t sleep maybe you have RLS, or need a sleeping pill, or maybe you’re dying!!!” I’ll tell you, We all could be on our way to the morgue right now if all the symptoms they’ve drowned us in actually meant we had those diseases. But, thank goodness for the mute button, or I’d be out of my mind. What’s sad though is that half the time the commercials are pretty funny, and they end up turning into conversations at family gatherings like, “Hey dear, did you see the commercial for California cows? Oh it was so funny!!!” GIVE ME A BREAK!!!! Do we as human beings really have nothing better to talk about than commercials??!??!?!!?!!! Little 30 second blurbs that greedy business people have conjured up to make us think our lives are so pitiful that we’d be happier if we just had their product? Because we NEED it, right? WRONG! That is where WE, the next generation of adults, and all you older folks too, need to say, “ Hey, my life is great, in fact, it’s fantastic, all those things spewing out of my TV are NOT going to dictate how I live my life, because I AM ME!

Right now, this very second, some little girl is probably watching TV, and an ad that has a stick thin model is most likely being projected onto the screen. Thoughts running through this girls head most definitely include, but are not limited to, “ Why don’t I look like that? Is there something wrong with me? That girl is so pretty, how can I look like that? What if I stopped eating? Would I be thin then?” Big reality check isn’t it? And don’t try to tell me these thoughts would never run through a young girls mind. I’ve thought the same things once or twice, most girls do, but you know what??? I AM ME, AND NO ONE CAN CHANGE THAT. The question of, how can young people overcome the influence of the media is asked all the time... Yet still, day after day the media ceases to amaze me by dictating the way people act, dress, think, and their way of living. When simply the answer to this mind-boggling question is quite simple. People need to be proud of who they are, stand for what they believe in, and know that it is okay to be your own you.

So, to all you teens out there struggling to find your way, that are not sure what to believe, and who look to the media for guidance, STOP!!! Really, and truly, STOP! Look deep inside yourself and ask this question, what kind of person do I want to be? How do I want to be remembered? What kind of life do I want to live? Answer these questions on your own, and make sure your answers remain close to your heart.

For once you understand that you lead your own life, and no one else does, not even the gosh darn media, you will be able to overcome every obstacle life throws at you.

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on Mar. 29 2011 at 8:03 pm
SugarMagnolias BRONZE, Edison, New Jersey
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This is a really well written reality check. Impressive!


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