You Are Unique

March 26, 2013
By AmarisKade PLATINUM, Rye, New Hampshire
AmarisKade PLATINUM, Rye, New Hampshire
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You are you.
But you are not special.
You are sweet and kind and loving.
But you are not special.
When people say everybody is special, it diminishes the value of ‘special’.
If everyone is special, than nobody can really be special.
There is no definition of special in that case.
“Everybody is special”
Is another way of saying nobody is.
Yet, why is it that mothers and fathers tell their children that they are so special, so much better than the other children?
If you grow up in a generation of people whose parents told them they were so special, than your whole generation thinks that they are individually special in some way.
Take the human race.
The human race is only different from the ape because of higher intelligence and less hair.
The ape race is only different from the human because of more hair and incredible survival skills.
Why don’t apes tell their young that they are special?
That’s because they focus on the survival needs of themselves and their group.
They don’t worry about whether or not their children are better than the other little apes.
Maybe humans should take a leaf out of the apes’ book (no pun intended), and focus on the necessities of life, rather than whether or not you are better than somebody else.
I think instead of worrying about such trivial things, people need to have a better self-esteem and not worry about, or compare themselves, to others.
Of course, I’m not perfect and I have my moments where I compare myself to other people and I want to be told I am special.
But you are not special.
You are


The author's comments:
I overheard a mother telling her toddler that she was so so so special and unlike any other girl in the world. I thought maybe half of it was true. I wrote about the other half.

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