Just like that society was killed

March 29, 2013
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We are nothing but walking, talking corpses who don’t know how to be leaders. We just follow whoever seems fit to rule us. We don’t deem others royalty based on golden hearts or priceless minds. We make them royals based on their shiny hair and long lashes. Power no longer resides on people with great minds. It no longer belongs to those who can make precious words flow out of their mouth effortlessly, or those who dream with numbers and equations, or those who have a flawless melody within them. The power is now in delicate shoulders whose only use is to carry an empty head with a pretty face. Oh, those pretty faces… They can get anywhere they want with them; they can get anything they want just by flashing a perfectly white smile. What’s the use of learning anything when they can just marry a rich man who will be loyal because he thinks he can’t do better. Now this is where you have to ask yourself what is our world coming to if we no longer want our children to know of numbers, or words, or theories, or even beautiful paintings. Humans no longer want to learn. We no longer want to experience the wonderful beauties of a world that existed before us, a culture before our time. Our lazy minds no longer want to contain any knowledge of what goes on around us, of what happened years before on the earth we stand on. They no longer want to know of those who fought battles for us; they fought battles so that we could have our freedom today. Our endless minds become limited with each passing day; they don’t want to memorize the faces of famous war heroes, they only memorize the faces of famous brainless creatures with a beautiful physique. They don’t want to know the stories behind colorful paintings; they don’t want to gain knowledge about the artists who made such perfection. So when will it end, when will people step up and put a stop to this crumbling monarchy. When will the time come that someone will want to learn about things other than brainless creatures’ lives or what product makes your hair stronger. The people must stop putting egotistical empty headed people into power. The royals must stop saying that not knowing about culture or history or literature is OK because it’s not. Now I ask you, will you help us? Will you save us from our limited minds? Or will you follow the royals? It’s time to choose, is your mind limited or limitless.

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