After Steubenville

March 21, 2013
By , Livonia, MI
When it was her, there were sneers. Exasperated sighs. There was sympathy – but not for her.

For her rapists.

Young men with full lives ahead of them (she was unable to consent) who made a drunken mistake (she was unconscious) and had their lives fall apart (no one stopped them.) Young men who will spend the rest of their lives labeled sex offender (a young girl who will spend the rest of her life a rape survivor.)

The judge found them guilty of rape. The public had another idea.

S***. W****. Drunk. Stupid. Irresponsible.

When it was her, they said it was her fault. She shouldn't have been drinking. She wanted it.
(The bystanders said they didn't know it was rape. They thought rape had to be violent.)

Where will the fault lie next time? When it is your friend, your sister, your mother, your daughter, or you? How many would blame you, would blame the victim?

(How many will blame themselves?)

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