Death is Home

March 19, 2013
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As I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death. I feel at home. Death is such a bliss and inviting person. It’s never judgmental or racist or sexist or anything of that sort. It never cares about your age, if it wants to take you HE WILL. Most people never understand that he will always be around you no matter how hard you try to avoid him. Every time you wake from bed he is the one sleeping next to you. He showers with you, drinks coffee with you and when you’re ready to go to work or school or where ever you are go, it’s his job/duty. He will never quit, he loves bringing people to the Gates of Hell. The more he brings, the more he grows, the more he grows the quicker he can kill. He feels no compassion for the children or the elderly that he kills and brings to Hell. Whenever he sees someone in church praying for forgiveness he laughs at the thought of people thinking that such a foolish thought. The thought of there actually being a “Heaven” or a “God” is a funny thought. Would there be world hunger if he existed? Would there be incurable diseases? Would people kill people? Is “God” suicidal, because since people say we were “made” in his image, and since people kill people? Does that mean that he wishes his own demise?

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