March 8, 2013
Teen Ink,
I really enjoy the movie and book reviews because then I know if I want to see/read the book/movie, but, I think that Teen Ink should include TV show reviews. It would be very nice because it informs people about the good and bad shows or series. If there are movie reviews, then there should be TV show reviews because on average, people watch more television than movies. People watch movies maybe like once a week, not even, but watch TV almost every night.
If you don’t have room for any extra article topics, you could get rid of some poetry because in the February, 2013 magazine, there were about 90 poems, and only 4 movie reviews, which leads me to my next point. I think that there should also be counter examples for movie reviews because I recently read the Skyfall review and completely disagreed and I wanted people to know that it was not that bad. So maybe in the future, you could find a counter example for the reviews before you publish the issue. If you add this, you could as well get rid of more poetry because, like I already said, there was around 90 poems.


Brady S

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