March 8, 2013
Dear: Teen Ink

In “Lovestruck” By Hewson Ju I thought it was very detailed and it captured what everyone actually thinks. I think it makes people try and work harder on achieving their goals. Overall this could help me with my struggles. It was very detailed and it had very clever word choice.

I was moved when he got dumped. It made me think that these things only make you stronger. If I wrote this I would share what’s on my mind more because it would make it more relatable. In the text it said “The lunch bell rang as I sadly waited like a lost puppy in the rain hoping for his master to come” I could totally visualize the whole thing because it was so detailed.

I just wanted to complement you on how well you did. It is very detailed and it was awesome to visualize. It was a constant movie in my head. I give it two thumbs up. You did a great job on explaining your story too. Great job!!!



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