Life is Like a Snow Globe

March 5, 2013
Life is like a snow globe. There are moments of beauty and calm happiness, yet every now and again, things get rather shaken up. It feels like your world is tilting and falling all around you. Yet it always finds its way back to a calmer level. We all long for those moments in our lives and wish that we never had to experience the shaken-up - world is falling all around us - feelings. If we never felt unsure, sad, or unstable, though, would the calm after the storm be as wonderful? The moments of despair, confusion, loss, and anger resolve into happiness and calmer outcomes if you let them. Don't fight against the normal pattern of life and expect to be happier - you will only shake things up a little more. Remember what really matters.

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hanahh11 said...
Oct. 2, 2014 at 4:24 pm
wow. this is amazing. 
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