Dreams Really Do Come True By; Church Gurl

August 27, 2008
By Anonymous

There are so many things material that I could put into my dream life, but what really matters is the love, happiness, and unison of family and friends. Most of my material things are a given, in life.
Overall, my dream life consists of graduating college-majoring in law, and graduating law school. I'm also aspiring to become a gospel artist. I want to have 3 kids- 4 at the most. I want to have a nice car, and I want to be married, happy, blessed... and I want to have an extremely nice and pretty wedding. Oh, and I can't forget the fun of having the power of prayer, and praise and worship.
So let me explain on every area of my dream life. This may take a minute-
so sit back, grab a pillow and some snacks... and get comfortable.
I want to graduate from Bethany University, out in Scotts Valley {which is out by Santa Cruz, California} with a major in law. Bethany University is a Christian college, and that's something that I've always wanted, to attend a Christian college. A couple of really good friends of mine went, or are still attending- in some cases. They talked about some of the things that they experienced there, and how much fun they had on campus! These are just some of the reasons that I was inspired to go to Bethany University.
I want to get a contract as a gospel artist. I realized how much I really do love to sing... especially how much I love to do it when I'm doing it to praise the Lord. It gives me so much joy and happiness, to be able to use my talents to praise and worship the Lord- all at the same time. I guess some people would call it a hobby. :) And I just happen to enjoy this little hobby of mine.
Then from there, I want to go to law school. I haven't looked into ANY of that, but I still have a ways to go. Many people have told me that I'd be a good lawyer; I've always denied it-though. But in honest reality- I do think that I'd be a good lawyer. I argue a lot, and very well {if I do say so, myself}, and it wouldn't hurt to get the education. I can't promise myself that I'll get my record deal as a gospel artist... but I can promise myself to get and education in law and to believe in myself to get the job as a lawyer.
I want to have 3 kids, 4 at the most. I can't say what gender I want my kids to be and whateva. Like "I want 2 boys and 1 girl" and vice-versa. I'll take what I'm blessed with. All of my precious bundles of joy will be born AFTER my marriage. With my babies, I don't ever want them to fell like they have to lock their bedroom doors, and I want them to know that when they lay their heads down at night- their safe. I want them to know that when they come home from school, there will be food in the fridge. I want them to all have the same daddy, not different daddies coming around to see each one; separately... their daddy will live at home with us.
I want to have a nice car. Not to nice... but not to junky. I don’t want to embarrass my kids when I pull up to the school to pick them up after cheerleading practice. I want them to be proud of their family and where they come form, not ashamed.
I want to be married to an ambitious, handsome, loving, caring, and respectable man. Some one that'll discipline our kids- but also spoil them. Someone that'll treat me, my family, and my friends with respect. A REAL man that will support me, and his family, and be loyal. Someone that'll surprise our family with little things here and there and that'll never put his hands on me or our kids, violently. Oh, and most importantly... someone that has crazy faith and love Jesus more than anything. Even Me!!!
I want to be happy with myself, my family, and the lifestyle that I've chosen to take. I think that this one is pretty self explanatory. HAPPINESS comes from this section, right here. There will be time when I won't be happy, but overall, I want to be happy with my entire life. I know that life isn't always peaches and cream, and I can't expect it to be. I can only do the best with what I'm blessed with.
Out of the is whole "dream", the following is the most important to me. I want to have this wonderful-huge wedding. I want to follow tradition and have a white dress which will symbolize my purity. I want my bridesmaids' dresses to be a medium purple. The guest list will involve a lot people that are helping me in my life now, and people that are still to come a big part of my life. I want the color theme for my wedding to be white, silver, and gold... all pure colors. And for my honeymoon- I want to got to Barcelona, Spain. I think that Barcelona, Spain is the extremely beautiful and romantic. The perfect place to spend my first couple of days as a married woman.
I want to live a life that is filled, not perfect. I want people to know me, what I did, and what I loved to do. I think that praising the Lord with the talents that he has blessed me with is the best thing that I could to with my life, and to let my presence be known. A lot of people want to be known for the fame or how much money they had in their bank account... but all I want to be known for is the good that I contributed to this world and the thanks that I gave to the Lord. My life is based on the non-materialistic things, because those are the things that can't be lost in a fire, tornado, or any other kind of natural or non-natural disaster.
If I received all of these things, I'd get the end to my dream... to be blessed. To be blessed would involve all of these things, and the bad things that I will have to face. Like I said, life isn't always peaches and cream... there is always a time when life isn't what you wanted it to be... get over it. You never go through life without any struggles- ever. It just wouldn't be human to live a perfect life. Even the biggest superstars have hardships in their lives. The bad and good in my life balance each other out. Without one- I would be incomplete.
And without the Lord... my dreams would be incomplete, because if it wasn't for him- I wouldn't be able to dream at all.

Dreams Really Do Come True! :)

-God Bless,

Church Gurl!

The author's comments:
The reason that I choose, not only to write this piece- but to try and get it published in Teen Ink, is because I was writing it for a school newsletter and they choose not to publish it in there. Not only that, but I wanted to let people know that dreams come true and that mine are what matters most to me. A lot of my friends were like my dreams consist of getting a palm Centro or this and that and I stopped to think about what I wanted that would last a lifetime!
I hope that the readers enjoy my article and that it makes those who read it, think about what THEY want... that will last a lifetime!

-God Bless-

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