Drunk Driving

August 26, 2008
Water waves move some sand,
While a little girl is crying,
Some may think it's for some silly thing,
But is it really?
As tears fall down her cheeks she's reminded why she is here,
Her Mum and Dad are gone from this world through know fault of their own.
They were killed by reckless driving,
From the fault of a man that had to many drinks.
Tears of anger are fading and in their place is grief,
She vows to show others the horrors of drinking and driving.
For no one should suffer her pain.


(Dedicated to all those that have died or lost a loved one from drunk driving.)

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Rain-Bow said...
Dec. 3, 2009 at 5:24 pm
This is a really good poem. i too, have lost one of my cousins for drunk driving. its hard. knowing hes not here with us. Walking into his room and just feeling his presence and hes not there...keep writing
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