This is me

August 27, 2008
There will be time when you will want to give up. Sometimes you feel like you should shutup. Do you feel the pain? The blood running in my vein? You may see a smile and it may be worth your while. But did you see the tear and it's inspiration-fear? He seems to be the only one who can set me free. While your the one hurting me. You don't see me for who I am. You just think I'm a scam. A waste of your time and you say I've caused the crime. You tell me I'm a F***-up again. But thats the way it's always been. You never see a tear because thats what i fear. You don't see me for who I can be. You say it's because you don't agree. I try to get you to understand. But you never will because you don't understand. But you never will because it wasn't planned. Have you ever really cared? Or have you always been scared? This is me and thats the way it will always be...

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