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TRust YouR StrUggLe

Everyone has struggled. Everyone has wanted to give up and just brake down. but why didn’t you? Because you trusted your struggle. You knew in the long run you had to finish. You had to just know from beginning to end it would turn out better. Today I want to tell you how much these 3 words mean to me, trust is a word that is never taken lightly, something that everyone has a tough time with. your’e means its you that has to accomplish or purse this action. But the hardest word of all is struggle, when people hear this word they think of something fearful and scary, when really its something strong and beautiful, but only if you trust it. Life is hard and you will just want to give up but, trust that each time you make a mistake you improve. Trust that each time you’re ready to let go, you hold on tighter, trust that each time you struggle you’re only getting stronger, tougher, smarter and better. There has been plenty of times where all I want to do is just walk away, on a friend, a class, a opportunity, a race, a struggle but I don’t because i know that trust is the hardest thing to gain yet the easiest to lose. I bet each and every one of you, just like me has given up on something because it was too hard or to scary, right? How many of u? I can never forget the time I had to make one of the biggest decisions of my life. Choosing a college and whether I would leave my hometown and everything I’ve known to begin again in a place I never thought I’d be. I obviously moved and yes it was tough every moment I wanted to turn back, I couldn’t believe that I was here. I couldn’t believe everything i fought for and survived through actually turned out right. I couldn’t be happier I love Texas, I love my family, my school, my friends, but most importantly I love my struggle. So next time u think about giving up, take 20 sec to remind yourself “ what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

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