What Happened to Dreaming Big?

March 2, 2013
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When we are kids, we always want to do the impossible. We all wanted to be astronauts, princesses, rock stars, or movie stars. We all had big dreams and expected them to come true, but they never did. When I was younger, I wanted to be a singer. I wanted to be a superstar, living in a mansion in Beverly Hills and married to Aaron Carter. I gave up on this dream quickly, not because I thought it was unrealistic, but because I said Beverly Hills was too far. You see, when we’re young, we have this undying optimism that lets you believe that any dream is possible.

So what happens? I mean I’m not saying I don’t still have big dreams, because I do. But what happens to make us so pessimistic? I used to believe that all my dreams would come true just because I wanted them to, but now, I know that isn’t true. Just what happened to my optimism, to our optimism? It seems as if all of us in the whole country lost our positive outlook on life sometime during adolescence. Do we just lose our faith in the impossible or are we just dooming ourselves to a life of mediocrity and unhappiness?

Yes, the economy crashed, and taxes soared. But why do we care? We may not have money, but money doesn’t always bring happiness. We can still dream big and believe in the impossible. Just because things don’t turn out how we imagined them to doesn’t mean they turn out badly. We can still find happiness. You let go of your disappointments and focus on your dreams.

So I propose that we change the cycle. We can choose to dream big. We can believe in any dream, even if it sounds impossible. We can choose to stay optimistic even when times get hard. I choose to follow every dream, no matter how big or impossible it may be. Will you?

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