Who Are We to Judge?

February 1, 2013
You know what really bugs me? When we judge others without knowing them. We see what they look like and we listen to stories of their mistakes, but we don’t know them. There are three main ways we judge others.

First, we judge others by their looks. They could be the ugliest person ever, but they could have a heart of gold. The most beautiful person ever can have a heart of stone. For example, my brother is good looking, so the girls say, but he is very selfish and rude Looks are deceiving.

Second, we hear others’ mistakes, then we judge them. Sure, they made mistakes, but we all make mistake. For example, Lizzy’s dad doesn’t like me because I tried to kill myself. He heard my mistakes not what I have been through.

Lastly, we go with the crowd. As human beings, we agree with the “cool” people and with our friends. But, what if the crowd is wrong? That kid in the corner of the room who we make fun of could be better than we give him credit for. Thanks to us, he goes home and cries almost, but everyone wants to be “cool,” so they act like they don’t care.

I’m not saying I have never judged someone, but I wish I didn’t. In this world, we automatically judge others. Those people who don’t let their judging get in the way are the people I admire.

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