one may compare thyself to a tree

August 25, 2008
By Grant Keller, Lakeland, FL

One may compare thy life to a tree,
twas once vibrant and green, but beware the changing of the Autumn leaves, quickly aged one might become if placed toward the winter breeze, beware the winter breeze for a swift death it shall surly bring... find comfort in a forest of friends but so beware the cluttering and entangling
,thy could be choked for the quest of lovely lovely sunlight the tips of leaves may just barely lick the sweet touch of the sun above the crowed, few do grow so proudly strong and tall but many must they shadow... Often do new leaves grow equally they do drop though down down watch them flutter and fall away piling up at our trunk the richness. Work Hard we must to thrust our roots into this earth for every small breath we take and every patronage we gave, we must be remembered we absolutely must.

The author's comments:
hope you liked this piece
-what inspired me- I'v alwase wanted to express nature through personal feelings and experiences

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