Life Is A Journey!

January 29, 2013
Is life a battlefield, is it a journey, or is it life? What am I saying? I know what life is, I know what life holds in my grasp! Life is a journey! That is the song I wrote long ago when I was 12, but it never came out I thought that maybe someone would take it! This is such a serenity of despair and life... because "life is a journey" Does not matter whether it is right nor' wrong! I have dreams of me dying, crying, being in pain, going insane, wanting to die, or even getting high.......... What is this crap? Is it an awakening in me saying "Christian when I say jump, jump. When I say die, you die!!!!!" Who is saying these things is it the devil, demons, or is it me. I have many sides yes, but not ones that want me to die. Is that why life is a journey!?!?!?!?!?! You need to understand that maybe you may not be able to go through every single little detail in your pathetic, helpless life..... You need to understand that no matter where you are, you have someone by your side. You want to know who that is....... GOD! You know he will be with you even when your crying, dying, happy, sad, mad, angry at the world, or even when you want to kill yourself. Just know that life is hard and you might not get through it, but just know that he will be there for you. This is life we are talking about after all right ;D!!!!

Life is a journey,
to believe.
It means you must live,
not die.
Do you understand life,
Try being me.
I wish to die, but I know not to,
I cry everyday.
Pain, Hope, Despair,Life, Hate, Love,
A collage of hateful and liking words.
What was I saying...?

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