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January 26, 2013
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What does it mean when you day your heart is full?
Well to me it more likely means that you have either given up, fessed up, messed up, or as people would put in terms is that they are filled with joy.
What does it mean when you say there is something blossoming within you? Well to me it means that you feel a life changing experience has made you realize what is most important to you and that you dont want to loose what you have, someone has entered into your life that has made a huge effect, or you may have a huge weight lifted off your shoulders. What does it mean when you say to yourself that YOU arent BEAUTIFUL? when someone looks to you as their rolemodel. Well what i will say is this beauty comes from inside you it doesnt matter if you have as most people would put it a "great body." if you think otherwise you are wrong because most of the time people will hide who they truely are and how they truely act. some people may have a "great body" or a "pretty face" but behind thatthat is a real mean and ugly

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