January 9, 2013
Facebook, the time consuming, People judging, Stalker helping, network.

Face it, Facebook is a social networking sensation. If you don't have a Facebook with more than 200 something friends. People consider you one of 'those people' You are weird...lonely...an outcast even. All Facebook really is, is a place to judge other people and make fun of the stupid things they say.

Girls, You all do the same thing. You take a picture of yourself in the mirror with all your 'best buddies' trying to seem 'cool'. When in turn, the people standing with you in your picture, are the same people that talk smack about you behind your back on a daily basis, and made out with your boyfriend last week. Or your try to take a more direct approach of getting attention by posting a picture you think you look 'hot' in, with your cleavage all hanging out, and you have so much make-up on you look like you got into a fight with a crayola box. 'Cmon now. Have a little class.

Now don't get me wrong. Guys do the same exact thing. Just a little differently They make their profile pictures of super hot cars they want, but are obviously never going to be able to afford. People. That's what you are. You're not a transformer. Change your picture.

Facebook can get a little boring sometimes. But it's those random people that keep it interesting. I cannot tell you how often I get a message from a random girl that says "hey wanna chat? Why don't you go check out my pictures? *Winky face*" Winky face..... You know somethings going down when there is a winky face. You know not to click on anything. Delete and exit. That's all you have to do. I've made the mistake once of accidently going to their profile. Let me tell you how interesting that story was....

I'm sitting with my boyfriend and his family, so that would be his mom, dad, and 13 year old sister. Knowing my luck, as soon as I go to their profile I got a porn pop-up. There was moaning and grunting and whole bunch of other stuff I did not want to see. HIS PARENTS will never view me as the same person again.... I was judged. Right then and there. And I know now, they think I watch porn.... All because one accidental click on Facebook.
Facebook...It can get interesting.

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