What is Being an American?

January 9, 2013
What is like to be an American? To tell the truth, I don’t really know. I have grown up in a very cultural diverse and opinionated area in the U.S. I can recall going over all of the old American stories and histories of the founders of America. I remember reading about how they all did something for this country in their own special way. Henry Ford created the Model T; the first automobile to travel the dirt roads of our forming country. He revolutionized our country with industry and gave millions of unemployed Americans jobs. How much more important can this man not be to our country?

Thomas Edison is the one who gave our dark land light. It was through his perseverance and hard work and his never-give-up attitude that created something so largely important to our everyday lives, that we use it every single day of our human lives on earth, and will continue to do so. Not to mention all of his other inventions that inspired so many other ideas that formed the clay of our great country.

Let us not forget the man who became the foundation of the industrial revolution. Benjamin Franklin, or in my eye, “The Father of Electricity”, discovered something so important that allowed for our country to take the upper hand and aspire. Electricity is the second best thing that happened to this country. This man used his time and his knowledge of physics to give our underdeveloped country the key to a new life. He formed the way for our country to trek and grow stronger in, and gave us Americans a new look on life. He is one of the most admirable people of our country if not the entire world.

Yet with all of these wonderful people in our history and all of the legendary stories and magnificent tales of what they did, not a single person in my first block will say the pledge of allegiance. When you are asked “what is being American mean to you”, how can you not think about what they did. What the historic fathers of our country did is what being an American means to me. But anyone can tell you that our country is in shambles. If I can tell you any one thing, it’s that I am not proud of what our country is doing now.

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