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January 3, 2013
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Ever wonder what it would be like if each couple could only give birth to one child?
For me, life would be easier,being the firstborn. At first, when you're born, you get all the love and the attention you need, and just when things are getting better, mum says you should be expecting a baby sister or brother.
When he or she comes, so follows the rejection and the lack of attention. The 'best' part is you begin to hear stuff like"Honey would you mind getting a diaper for your little sister" or "Pumpkin, could you please pass you sister's bottle, I think she's hungry?" When they get older DO NOT let them know your darkest secrets or your weaknesses, cause they'll use it against you when they have to-that is never good.
Sooner or later, tables turn and you too have a go at being a puppeteer and they-puppets. Then before you know it, you look back at those old memories and you reminiscence about those times when you fought as siblings. You WILL learn to love each other, more than you'd ever thought.Then you'll have you're own kids-and let them have the experience too.

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