In Our Hearts

January 3, 2013
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Once was a gleaming light shining through the clouds; warming and protecting those who weren’t safe. A pinch of disaster, a swallow of depression, being let out on innocent, loved ones. Lack of morality strangles humans, letting them sleep and not feel any remorse as they rest for the night with the thoughts and ideas of murder locked inside of them. They had no time to look ahead at their bright futures, they only had the time to say goodbye, and in an instant the last breath was taken by the innocence that had vanished.

Walking into the room; seeing nothing but bright colors and tables with creativity swarming around your mind. We’re taught with a sense of socialization, and to communicate with other citizens. Walls surround the small bodies expressing their freedom; laughing with joy and knowing nothing can harm them. She sits there, calm, steady, and still. Her eyes glare into the distance of wonder, and new imaginative words form in her head, introducing new thoughts to come upon her.

A bolt of fear flies through her; like a lightening bolt through a willow tree. Her eyes water, then slowly close as the world around her freezes and watches with hope. Only a small child, but a large soul and heart were held inside of her timid, wholesome body. Now all that’s left is memories, and the air she used to breathe.

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