I'm sorry

December 21, 2012
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No one will ever get to know , What you would have done with your life. You could have been president, or say someones life but we will never get to know, for that I'm sorry. You had every chance, every possibility still to be anything. I'm sorry for the friends that miss you dear I'm sorry for your loved ones because they can't hold you near, Anymore.

I'm sorry I never got to meet you before that day I'm sorry I never knew your name I'm sorry it will never get a chance to me I would have loved to see your glow, you shine, you were so innocent so divine had a Priceless life

It's just not right you shouldn't have died you had your future had a p.m. I'm sorry I never got to know I'm sorry I'm sorry you never get to be you who you want. You never get to follow your dreams.

I'm sorry you can never go home I'm sorry you'll never grow old

I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry you had to go I'm sorry you had to let go

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